Season 1 is now complete. We are currently at work on Season 2.

This show is written and directed by Jamie Killen. She is the writer of audio dramas Mirrors and SPINES. Find out more about her writing here.

Sound design and original music are by Jon Erik DeGuzman and Dog and Pony Studios. Find out more about Dog and Pony Studios here.

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Narrator: Lynn Casper

July: Lucille Valentine. Lucille Valentine is a poet, writer, and visual artist whose work often involves themes of gender, queerness, and poverty. You can keep up with her on twitter and hear her in the upcoming second season of Unplaced, the forthcoming Among the Stars and Bones, as well as occasional appearances in other shows such as Zoo.

Jordan: Peter Lalush. Peter is an actor, writer, filmmaker and musician who's kind of all over the place all the time. Alongside playing Jordan, he also portrays both Prince$$ and Apostle Peter on The Blood Crow Stories, makes music as AKLF, and is the writer, director, and producer of the feature film You're So Dead! He's on TwitterYouTube, and Mixer if you want to know more.

Cora: Emma Chan

Sabrina: Lucy Pearce. Find out more at 

Dalton: Nathan Emley. Nathan discovered his passion for acting in his mid-30s soon after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. He studies at the Seydways Acting Studios and has enjoyed working on many projects both on stage and on screen. Nathan first took the stage as an improviser, having trained at Bay Area Theater Sports, and has performed at the SF Improv Festival, the L.A. Improv Festival, as well as in many improv shows within the Greater Bay Area. Nathan is a founding member of the San Francisco Improv Collective and is also a screenwriter and space travel enthusiast. Find out more at or follow him on Instagram at ncemley

Travis: Alex Elespuru

Detective Larkin: Veletta Marshall. It’s not often you meet someone whose current job is exactly the job they dreamed of as a child and in the industry they’ve wanted to be in their entire life. But that’s exactly Veletta Marshall’s story. As a child her idea of playing was to dress up and play model, prancing up and down the hallway of her home pretending to be a model walking the runway at the hottest NYC fashion show. Today she is still playing dress up but being paid for doing it! Veletta continues to learn and get better at her craft. She is actively working in many media platforms … print, commercials, television, and film ..… and has worked for many national brands including Sony, AT&T, Lexus, Diet -Coke, Hertz, Walmart, Target, and Revlon just to name a few.

Joseph: Danilo Battastini

Esteban: Mike Das

The Pilgrim: Jack Pevyhouse

Mitch: Brady Bloomfield. Brady Bloomfield has always had a profound interest in voice over work and is a podcast enthusiast. He attended Eastern New Mexico University, where he got a BA in University Studies, emphasizing in Theatre and Digital Filmmaking. During his sophomore and junior years, he hosted a variety of student radio programs, to varying degrees of success. He currently lives in Punta Gorda, Florida, with his wife.

Stephanie: Katelyn Atanasio

Cashier: JoAnn Vickers Wilburn

Peggy: Jennifer Childs

Bill: Leo Wiggins

George: Robert Chauncey

Customer: Sarah Hemmi. Sarah is an actor based in San Antonio, Texas. She has been involved in many local stage productions, and some of her favorites include Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?BethlehemThe Professionals, and Creatures of the Night. Her audio drama credits include The Haven ChroniclesThe Hidden Staircase, and Tunnels. She can be found on Twitter: @snixon17 

Content Warnings:

All episodes of this show feature violence, anxiety, and terror.

Chapter 4: Non consensual drugging, hallucination, mind control, gaslighting

Chapter 7: Fighting, physical violence between two people, murder, paranoia, discussion of firearms